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What is with those Kia motors ads on the glass behind the net in Philly?

I am watching the Flyers game and I noticed Kia Motors advertisements on the glass behind the two nets. Why would they do that? People pay really good money for those seats and they should not be obstruced by ads.

Is that actually there, or is it just placed by the TV station?|||its computer generated.... only seen on tv for more ad $|||It's just on TV, it's added by computer using similar technology to the first down line in football.

The Canucks games on Sportsnet were using the same technology in the second half of the season. Not sure if the other Canadian clubs used it on their Sportsnet games or not.|||It is placed by the TV station. Welcome to corporate America.

It is a American station broadcasting on TSN. Thank god it doesn't happen to Canadian sports feeds.|||They are digitally imposed. Multiple teams (PHL, WSH, CHI, SJS) do this that I know of.

The players and fans don't see them. Only tv viewers.|||its only on tv

Where is the counter balance shaft on a 2004 Kia?

My Kia's timing belt broke and I am replacing it. I just can't seem to find the counter balance shaft. I really need help. Thanks.

Also if you could find a picture that would be great.|||OMG! We have the same dilemma. I took my car to the shop and some of the mechanics had a hard time with the new models. What I could suggest is for you to try to ask a car enthusiast to help. These guys can easily determine where it is.

How much money should I put down for a Kia---it cost $9,995?

I want to get a Kia because they are pretty cheap. I only plan on keeping it for about 2 yrs then trading it in. This my st car so I don't need anything fancy.

How much money should I put down ---the car is only $9,995.|||you can put down as little as 500 -1000 bucks and it knocks the price of the car down a lot,that helps with the amount that you have to finance on it though,i would consider buying a car i was going to keep though,KIA,s aren't the worse cars on the road you know,some of them hold up really well,my neighbor has been driving one for 7 years with absolutely no problems at all with it,but 1000 bucks would be a real good down payment on one,good luck on it.|||umm.... thats a car, right?|||As little as possible. No point in wasting your cash on a down payment, your monthly payment will already be pretty low.|||1000!|||dont forget, you have to pay interest on whatever you finance. The more you put down the less the car will actually cost you. Unless you have something better to do with the money, put as much down as possible.

Would you rather pay 10% interest on $8000 or $5000.|||Cars cost more the shorter you keep them, almoast all the time. New cars can be leased for between 2-4 years which is the cheapest option for 2 yrs keep time. make sure the lease terms otherwise this option is not a trap these days. If it is a used, ask for out of t he door price, than your interest rate. First time buyers pay from 15% and up in interest rate so get a cosigner with a descent credit for lower than 10%. Shop for the loan at lowest interest rate for the out the door price. Your dealer is likely to offer the lowest. Than the more money you put down the smaller the monthly payment.|||Dont buy a Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, or Chevy Aveo...THEY ARE ALL GARBAGE KOREAN CARS. I still own a Chevy Aveo, its a lemon POS, it sits in my garage because it leaks gas and is unsafe to drive, it has 22k miles and GM refuses to fix it and buy it back, their mechanics cant work on it because its all Korean made by Daewoo.

If you must buy a Korean car, get the Hyundai Accent, Hyundai seems to be getting better quality ratings lately, plus the new hatch looks awesome. Just remember these cars have 10 year/100k warranties and NO RESALE value, its better to buy and keep it for a long time.

What is the name of that song on the Kia commercial?

Really cool electronic tune that has a retro sound to it. Kia commercial shows the word "Soul" in large print at one point.|||There have been five essentially the same Kia Soul commercials aired through various networks so far, but each of them has featured a different artist and played a different song.

Bounce by MSTRKRFT

Fort Knox by Goldfish

Colours by Calvin Harris

Junkyard by Potbellez

Do what you do by Marz|||http://www.kiasoul.com/#/downl鈥?/a> go there and you can watch the videos and download thier songs.

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Where is the fuel filter located on the 2001 kia optima?

are there two filters?all the auto parts wholesalers list two filters,one in the tank.Any certified kia mechanics care to answer this question? thank you|||No. the one in the tank is just a screen that cleans itself like a sump screen does. Replace it only when replacing the fuel pump and drain and clean the tank at the same time.

What is the first time buyer's program for buying a new car from Kia? Is there one?

I'm looking at buying the Rondo from Kia. My mother pointed out to me that there's a deal or something for first time buyers. Just curious. If there is where can I find it on the internet or do I have to go to a dealership?|||Dont buy a Kia, they are nothing but junk. More time in shop than on road. If you have to buy an Asian rice burner, get a toyota or Honda they are 10 times the car for little more money. Try a Pontiac Vibe, they are similar looking but it will be on the road 10 years after the Kia has been put through tthe crusher.|||mrsunshine (?) is all wet. I have owned 4 Kias since 1997, and they have all been totally trouble-free. My next car will also be a Kia. My first one, a Sephia, came right after I wore out a VW Jetta, and the Sephia was nearly as good as my Jetta which was a top of the line GLI-16V.

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|||Kias are good cars, don't listen to the haters.

As far as deals for first time buyers I haven't heard anything like that. Usually you get a discount when buying a second car from the same car maker, like say $500 off.

Rondo is a new 2007 model so I don't think there are any incentives on them yet that the 2006 models have.

Just remember, don't pay sticker price!! Deal!!

Where and what is the power supply to a Kia Optima CD player?

I recently asked about continuing problems with CD player in a 2007 Kia Optima. The only answer I got was to replace the "power supply". Where and what is this power supply?|||think in cpu at power box.|||a

Does anyone have any bad things to say about kia cars?

I have a brand new 07' kia rio5 it was within my bugdet and love the gas mileage, but uncertain how reliable it will be in the future even if i take good care of it. Does anyone own one that's a few years old? What was your experience like with the dealership?|||Kias are budget cars, and you get what you pay for. Budget cars are not built to be the best. They are made by Hyundai, and Kias are to Hyundais what Saturns are to GMCs. That doesn't mean you'll have tons of problems with the car, but I wouldn't personally buy one.|||There are so many ignorant postings here. My 2005 Kia Sportage EX V6 (loaded)is the best thing I've ever bought for the money. This is the best vehicle of it's type, and I've had all kinds of cars and SUVs. I've had no problems, period. Go out and buy one!

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|||They just released a report two days ago about the vehicles that are the worse values, besides Fords, and GM's, Kia's ranked poorly. Why do you think they offer that 100/K mile warranty. If the vehicles didn't need it they wouldn't need to offer it.|||As far as how the car is made no. they are well constructed Korean cars. As a service writer for an auto repair shop I do have some problem with aftermarket part availability, and local dealerships. The car doesn't have many dealers yet so I'm always going out of state to get parts.|||Yeah they suck they are a cheap poorly made car my friend had one and if you went above 40 it would shake like hell KIA ARE TERRIBLE|||i drive a 01' kia optima...have had a few problems with it...from what i hear they are cheap and poorly made...I cant wait to get a new car!|||I don't own a kia but i can say this about them cheap ,reliable and there not bad looking at all(kinda like a saturn)....I would take it on a long road trip any day.Parents get there teens a kia for a reson because there good cars and they don't want there beemers getting messed up.|||im going to disagree with everyone here. The first generation of rios were plagued with problems, but in the last two years, they have really stepped up to the plate.

'consumer guide' is known to bash cars until they bleed, and they rated the 07 as a best buy.

Jd Power gave the 06-07 3.5 out of 5 on quality (better then average)... compared to a 2 for the 01-05 model.

It is hard to say what the 07 model will be like in the long haul, but if you base it off of what the 06 model is like, it should be worth it.

Also, to say that a car with a 100,000 mile warranty NEEDS it is way to far. The fact that they have the 100,000 mile warranty shows you they have faith in the quality of that car, because they dont want to be spending money to fix it.

The rio offers a 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, 60,000 mile roadside assist warranty, 100,000 mile drive train warranty, amd 100,000 mile corrosion warranty.

Compare that to an average american car: Ford Fusion:

bumper to bumper 36,000 miles, 60,000 miles roadside assist, 60,000 mile drivetrain, 5 year corrosion warranty.|||Unfortunately, you won't hear as many people complaining about Kia not because of Kia's reliability, but too few people own one to vouch for it.

I have a friend who owns a Kia, and she seems to like hers. As far as reliability, I don't know.

Where is the rubber vacuum hose on a 2000 Kia Sportage?

My 4 wheel drive in my 2000 Kia Sportage is not working, I was told to check the rubber vacuum hose for leaks. Where can this be located?|||It comes off the intake manifold and goes to a lot of things.

Look inside the engine compartment, there may be a diagram there.|||Try to visit http://www.sondahose.com, I hope it helps.

Information, Services of hydraulic hoses, rubber hoses and industry hoses.

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How to change the rotors on a 2004 Kia Spectra?

I know how to change rotors on a vehicle but I am working on a 2004 Kia Spectra and I cannot get the rotor to budge at all...I have tried penetrating oil and hitting the edges to loosen it up but nothing seems to work. is there another bolt or something that I need to unscrew before I take it off?|||I'm not to up on the vehicle,but,the rotor is held on by only 3 different ways.One,wheel bearings,in which you remove the dust cover and remove the nut.Two,held on only by bolted on wheel lug nuts.Three,one or sometimes 2 screws/bolts are screwed into the hub to hold the rotor on.There is no reason a rotor would be stuck!This phillips head or allen head screw should be right along side with the lug bolts line!Now I am assuming you have the caliper off and gently resting so the rubber line does not get broken!?If in the center of the rotor has a cover on it,then you have wheel bearings and you must remove the cover and remove the nut that should be no more than a little tighter than finger tight! Thank you and Good Luck!

ps.More info will help me help you.Please let me know how you make out with it.|||There may be a threaded bolt that you screw into the rotor or drum to help release it. You need a repair manual for your make year model http://www.haynes.com

Does anyone know how to fit a front screen washer bottle motor on a kia shuma?


Does anyone know how to fit a front screen washer bottle motor on a kia shuma?|||if it had one origanlly-put it back in the same spot-if it doesnt fit-well on the firewall somewhere if there is room for it-also check owners manual0 or find a peterson manual for it

Does anyone know when the Kia Plant in West Point, Georgia will build the Hyundai Santa Fe?

I heard that the Hyundai Santa Fe is going to begin production at the West Point, GA plant Kia recently opened. Does anyone work for Kia in West Point or Hyundai in Montgomery and know when it will be opening?

Thanks.|||I work for Hyundai and to my knowledge, it is probably within the next 6 months to already begin Santa FE production at KIA plant in GA. Hyundai can't keep up with demand for Sonata's and they have decided to dedicate the Alabama plant solely for Sonata models only.

Like to replace my console in my 2002 KIA Spectra? Where do I start?

I'd like an ungrade from the old one I have in my used KIA. I have no clue where to look for one if one is even available. Help?|||By selling the Kia! Lol. What do you mean console? The radio? First check if they make radio housing for your car. If yea, them search for a radio you like. Then have somebody install for you.

Where can I buy coolant reservoir cap for Kia?

My Kia Rio overheated like crazy, and when I opened the bonet, I found the coolant reservoir cap have disappeared. I suspect it might have popped out of place while the engine was overheating.

Question is, where do I purchase a replacement coolant reservoir cap in Singapore?|||check ebay lots of used kia parts on there|||You have to goto Kia for it. they are not releasing very many parts to the aftermarket. Same goes for hyundai's|||most auto parts stores should be able to get you one if not I'm sure a dealer can,and there's always a salvage yard they probably have a few of those around that have been wrecked,if they have one a few bucks will cover it,even through a dealer a new one wouldn't be expensive,that's an ordinary part,that people loose all the time,kind of like gas caps,i use to loose those all the time,good luck with it.|||coolant reservoir cap or radiator cap? The coolant rev cap is usually a blue plastic cap that covers a white plastic reservoir which has no pressure. It will not pop out. The radiator cap will pop out under extreme pressure. A metal cap. For this, you can use a standard radiator cap from any auto part store. hope this helps.

Is there an issue with IOS5 compatibility to Kia the iPod hookup?

I just upgraded my iPhone software to IOS5 and I am now unable to control my music through my Kia stereo system. It was working perfectly before the upgrade. Please advise.|||you will get the error message

invalid Accessories but it will work

How long does engine last in 99 kia sportag?

How long does engine usually last in a 99 kia sportag?|||Kia vehicles when introduced in US and until few years back had several mechanical problems. If your vehicle has lasted for 10 years, hence it is probably one of the longest lasting KIA.|||Kias are cheap cars and usually do not last long, but if you take care of it and change oil regularly it should last awhile.|||not long! seriously kia is a terrrible cheap car and if the car is 10 years old i would hope for the best and not expect much.|||depends on how well its taken care of. but kia's arent very reliable.

What is the song played in the Kia Soul commercial with hamsters?

It was a cool song, the commercial was a little wacky with the hamster or mice, or some kind of rodent... for the car Kia Soul.|||"The Choice Is Yours" by Black Sheep|||there were several different ones, check them all out in the commercials section of What Is That Song

How much should I pay for a Kia Forte EX?

Kia is known for the worst resale value. How much should I pay? I was think of throwing down a crazy number like 14,000 flat on the road. I want this car to be worth something after 5 to however many more years compared to a civic or corolla.

Or should I invest in another compact vehicle, such as Corolla or Civic?|||If you plan to keep the car for a number of years, I'd get the Kia. Not only are they some of the safest cars on the road and full of so many features that are optional (more money) on other cars, but the warranty on the Kia is one of the best in the car business. But if you think that you'd end up selling the car after a year or so, then I'd go for a Civic or a Mazda 3.

All that said, I don't recommend to anyone buying a car to base all of their decision on the resale value of the car. The car's style, ride, handling and features are all important factors to look at and think about before you buy the car. Safety is also very important, since your life is PRICELESS. I'd look into all of these factors before buying a car.|||unless its like 8000, i wouldnt touch a kia. given the cheap prices on cars right now, take advantage and go with the good names; it'll be better in the long run for resale.

What color should I get on the kia forte koup?

I plan on getting the kia forte koup in the near future. I live in northern Indiana and salt and snow gets all over your car in the winter. What color car hides this the best? Colors I like include titanium, black, white, and silver. So, what color looks the best on a coupe and which color makes the snow and salt the least obvious.

Thanks|||the best color is white of course, but a white car can be a little boring, the next best color is silver.... its like the medium... and black will show every little piece of dirt that hits the vehicle. and titanium is better than black but worse than silver.... so in the order from best color to worst color it is white, silver, titanium, black.

What is the Price difference between a V6 and a 4 Cylinder 2009 Kia Rondo?

I bought a 2009 Kia Rondo. It was supposed to be a V6 eng., but the dealer deceived me and I ended up with a 4cylinder instead. I didn't realize it till 3 months later. I would like them to Pay the difference between the cost of the two engines.|||So many dealers are shady like that. A V6 is typically worth more than a 4 cylinder. Dealerships are always opposed to giving cash and will probably offer free service, parts, or a discount on another vehicle. Check your paperwork from the day you bought the car. Hopefully you didn't over look the specs, because if the paperwork you signed says 4 cylinder you're out of luck. Contact the better business bureau. Good luck!

Who does that song for the KIA commercial?

I think it is the KIA Sorrento. A toy robot and stuffed monkey become lifesize and party in Vegas and other places doing crazy things. It has a hard driving piano riff and cowbell pounding in sync. More cowbell please!|||The Heavy - "How You Like Me Now?"

How come i can't find anything on Kia's stock market?

I've been looking for a while and can't seem to find anything on Kia's stock market and what symbol is Kia?|||Kia Motors Corp. has an ADR. The symbol is KIMTF.PK.

Also, Kia is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motors. The symbol for Hyundai is HYMLY.PK. Also an ADR.

The PK indicates they are on the pink sheets. This info won't do you much good though as neither one has any activity.

If you are really interested in this company, you will need to find a broker that trades on the S. Korean exchange.

Do the rear vents in the Kia Sedona ever get warm?

I have a 2004 Kia Sedona. There are rear vents in the ceiling, presumably to distribute either warm or cold air to the rear seat occupants. However, I've noticed that, now that winter is here, the vents never deliver warm air; the air is always cold coming out of them.

Is this just a crappy design that I'll have to live with? Or is there something wrong with my car?|||i would get it fixed they put a 12 volt chinese electric motor that switches the gates in heater and cooling gate under dash it burns out easy|||Why don't you try writing or emailing the manufacturer. They know better how to fix it; or from the car shops in your place.

How hard is it replace o2 sensor in 2006 Kia?

Do I have to go to a Kia dealer to replace 02 sensor on 2006 Kia?|||Joe's right. You basically unplug then unscrew the old one, and screw the new one in and plug it up. 15 minutes. The light should go off by itself after a few miles, if not have the auto store guy read it and erase it. They have a tool--a split socket--that you can borrow/ rent that will make it easier.|||No, but you should be absolutely certain that the O2 sensor is defective before you go to the trouble and expense to do it. Just because your ECM is displaying a code related to the O2 sensor doesn't necessarily mean that it's defective, have a competent mechanic check it out for you.|||Some, of the members suggested you well. I think, you can purchase new O2 Sensor for your 2006 Kia car. Compare the prices of your car model in O2 Sensors Direct site which offer the genuine parts with free shipping too. You can also get suggestions, quotes %26amp; orders for your needs from the toll free number 1-800-401-6762.|||not hard, but you have to make sure the sensor has failed. An O2 sensor has failed when it returns a code for heater coil failure, any other codes pertaining to rich or lean mean that the sensor is working correctly and the problem is elsewhere.

Do you think kia sportage is a bad car to buy?

I drive a kia sportage suv and this car really sucks. The car has alot of problems that I had to get it repair all the time. For example, the door won't open, windows won't go down, steering wheel shakes, brake pads got worn out and it makes a funny sound when you drive. I had enough driving this car that I would like to trade it in to buy a Toyota Rava 4 instead. I won't ever buy a Kia car again or a car that is made in Korean because it is a cheap piece of junk. Don't you agree with me?|||My friends own a Kia Sportage that has given them nothing but problems since they bought it new. The driver's side window is stuck, the transmission has need to be replaced (twice!), and it is constantly stranding them because of battery and other electrical system problems.

And it's odd that you should mention the funny sound. . .they just came down here for a visit about two weeks ago, and they were complaining that the Kia was making a weird noise. It was intermittent, but very annoying.

If their experiences and yours are any indication of what a Kia Sportage is like, I won't be buying one any time soon.|||did you get that sportage used?? Ive rode in two of the kia sportage and they were right and tight, the Rav4 though is definatly much better, I mean think about it Kia vs Toyota obvouisly we all know kia is a 2nd rate car compared to a toyota|||i agree. kias are like the jack in the box of fast food of cars|||No, I dont agree with you.|||depending on what year it is. i work on Hyundai's and they are a very much improved car then what they use to be. KIA's are all basically the same. the new sportage is just a Hyundai Tucson, and there a good car to drive with very little much that goes wrong with them.|||No, I dont agree with you.

Have had KIA`s for the last 10 years (4 of them)

and I never had any problems with any of them.

Why will the immobiliser on kia sportage not turn off?

Please help me! My friend has given me a kia sportage, I can open it but the immobilser on the key fob is not working anymore so the car won't start. Does anyone know what is wrong and how much it is going to be to fix it? They think it is a big job which is why they didn't want to do it and gave it to me. Thanks in advance for anyone that can help|||Without the year of the vehicle I would say that you could have one of five things wrong with it.........

1. The alarm module is bad.

2. The (ECM) needs to be reprogrammed.

3. The door pin or pins are bad.

4. The remote is bad.

5. The door lock is bad.

Have someone scan the vehicles computer so that you can pinpoint the problem and as for the repair cost, it will be expensive because its an import vehicle and everything on imports will cost double the price.

How do you fix a Kia Sportage 2002 model?

Timinig belt broke on a Kia Sportage I need to know how fix it?|||You should have a mechanic do that for you. It is possible that you bent valves when the belt broke, and there could be a variety of other repairs necessary. Also, although it is easy to change the belt, you will also have to reset the timing. This requires a timing light. If you had one of these, I'm sure you would already know how to change the belt! BTW - you do not need to take it to the dealer to change this. Any ASE certified mechanic can do this for you. If you insist on changing this yourself, go to your local bookstore and buy the Chiltons manual for your Sportage. Good luck.|||smash it and collect the insurance|||you install a new one?|||first get a book on that vehicle. it will show you how to change the belt. Not that hard. If you don't have to bother the distributor you wont have to reset the timing, just make sure the timing marks on the cam and crank pulleys are aligned when you put the new belt on. start it up. if it runs smooth then your valves are ok. if you bent any valves it wont run well at all. Also you can call the the dealer and ask if it has an interference motor. If it is not an interference motor you valves are not going to be bent|||Buy a wrecked one and transfer the engine from the wrecked car to your car.

Good Luck.

Timing belt broke most always ruins engine. Or else you could have an engine job done on the car for $2,500 give or take.|||Take it to the shop to get fixed. Duh!!

What is the names of the robot and teddy bear in the kia commercial?

does anyone know what the names of the robot and teddy bear are in the kia commercial and where they are from or where i can get them? I have the other three just need these two.Thanks to all who answer.|||In order ....

The brown furry that resembles a badly

made pinata wearing a top hat is called ...

" Mr. X "


" Mr. X Bugaloo "


Blabla Toys

can be found here...




" Muno "



Can be found here...



" Sock Monkey

{ with mom tattoo

and red bowtie } "


Rockford Red Heel

The sock monkey has numerous

sites and can be made at home...

one such kit can be found here ...



The bear is typical fur-lined teddy

with pronounced features ....

Not determined where the bear is from

originally as it might just be a handmade

custom ...

{ the pronounced features

so the camera can see it better }


" Radar Robot "


This reproduction was

actually based

on the '50s classic ...

{which had several variations}

" Easelback Robot "


Further detail will reveal that

the robot toy in the ad has

had further modifications of it's own ...

The " radar coil " would become

a cherry domelight

the arms would become stockier

and the toy itself would no longer be tin

This would be done not only to make it

safer and more accomodating - but also

to change the toy just enough to deter

copyright infringement from the original

The wind-up can be found here...

also the "easelback repros" can

still be found on vintage toy sites



The ad is called " The Joyride " and each toy represents

technology, current trends, security, agility - and fun

{although they are just typical toys found in a family car}


Bumble smilez**


Can anyone tell me where the alternator and starter is on Kia?

I am really in need to know where the started and alternator is on my kia sportage 2001? I am a female and need to know before I get ripped off by dealer. I have someone to help me, but cant figure out where it is%26gt; Thanks so much.

Jan|||my answer is go to the nearest auto repair shop then you check it out ,be the expert do that..|||Follow the large red cable from the positive side of the battery, it will lead to the starter.

The smaller red cable on the positive battery terminal should run to the alternator, which is driven by a belt.

Where to go to replace rear license plate lights on 2002 Kia Spectra?

Where can I go to get my Kia's rear license plate lights replaced? I don't feel any place where they would go. Two holes in the frame but no wires or space where the lights would be. My car had two previous owners before me and I was not informed of any accident. I live in Newport News VA.|||Just about any auto mechanic/garage can do it. Or you can take it to a Kia dealership and they'll do it for sure. All of those places will charge a bit of money, though. If you can figure out how to do it yourself, stop by an auto parts retailer (Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, or an online retailer such as JC Whitney or Auto Parts Warehouse) and pick up the parts yourself.

Unless someone really went out of their way to remove those lights, you can probably fix it in about 40 minutes (as an inexperienced person -- 20 minutes if you know what you're doing) and save a ton of money. If someone did go out of their way, though, it will need all new wiring and that requires a professional.|||Lights should be up above the licence plate under the rear bumper cover? either they clip in to lower out to get to the bulbs or unscrew the lens to access the bulb. Some auto supply may show you how to change those lights or bulbs. Owners manual?

What category of years does the 2000 kia sephia go into?

i need to replace a part on my kia. the junkyard has kia's of different years.but not a 2000. what other years can i use.|||Second generation Kia Sephia made from 1998 to 2001. I think some of the parts from the first generation Kia Spectra (2001 - 2004) are also interchangeable since in 2000 Kia used the Sephia's mechanicals to make the Spectra, a hatchback version of the Sephia.

What do you think of the 2004 Kia Spectra?

Looking for info on it. Found an '04 Kia Spectra with about 60k miles on it for $6,500. What do you think? Why types of problems have you come across with the Kia's?|||Very good deal.

The newer Kia's are excellent cars.

The Kia's made in the 90's were bad. they gave the company a bad reputation.

They have smoother rides than Civics and Protege's.

The quality is just as good.|||please find a newer one. I have a used 2007 kia spectra with no problems has 12,000 miles on it. If it is from a dealership then it should be ok. Mine is so I know it was checked out before I got it.

What is the price range for engine work on a kia rio?

I have a 2001 kia rio that needs work on the cylinder block I went online to see how much a new one would cost and it is in the $700 price range.A new engine would only run in the $1000 range how much would a mechanic charge for the work for either part versus taking the car to the agency?|||It would depend on the amount of work your actual engine requires

How much should i offer on this Kia sportage?

2006 Kia Sportage, excellent condition. 69,000 miles, sunroof, leather seats (heated), 6 disk CD player, privacy glass, power windows, power locks, remote keyless entry. From a dealership it is listed at $14,995.

What is a good number to start offering at and when should I walk away?|||for a little more you could buy a new Hyundai Tucson!

$15000 is a too much for an 06 Kia IMO. I would keep looking|||listen to paul


Ok my husband has been begging me to get a gaseffiecent car since he realized i spend $340 a month on fuel. We have taken my other post in to consideration but hes now glues to the kia just because you can get a ps3 with purchase...is it worth that? are kias really gas effiecent...I dont want stuck with another non gas effeicent car...|||Overall, Kias don't seem to have a very good track record. You could be spending more in unplanned repairs than you would save in gas Kia model fuel economy does not appear to be competitive. E.g., Honda Fit is recommended at $15,245 with 32mpg; Kia Rio is not recommended at $14,905 with 28mpg. The comparison between Honda Fit and Kia Rio for manual transm gives you 34mpg vs 30mpg. Honda Civic Hybrid costs $22,400 with 37mpg; Honda Civic manual transm costs $18,810 with 31 mpg Of course, as I mentioned to you before, the Toyota Prius sells for around $23,780 and gets 44mpg for Consumer Reports (I shared my data with you already) When you select your car, be sure to factor ongoing maintenance into the equation too, not just purchase price. A car that costs a couple thousand more upfront but that never breaks down may pay for itself quicker than you think. If you buy a problematic Kia, you could be worrying about having to buy a new car before you paid off the Kia's car loan.

I can't remember exactly which Q was yours. Some answerers recommended other small cars. Look them up in Consumer Reports. I think at least one of them was "a car to avoid". Buying a crappy car for a couple thou less may not be such a blessing if you end up having to take it into the shop and miss work or rent a car to drive to work...

Having said all that, don't put me between your loving husband and yourself. Use Consumer Reports which provides pretty hard data. And, then pick out the best car for the both of you. What does your husband drive?|||If you want a car that's going to last more than a year or two AND has good mileage, you need to read Consumer's Report. They consistently rate Honda as the best. Toyotas used to be up there, but they're slipping.

And you can't go wrong with a Honda, either an Accord or a Civic. (And no, I'm not a car salesman or even in that business!)

A Kia Rio sedan comes in thirs, but without the "predicted reliability" Honda has, and they Crash Protection safety rating is not good; the price is right, but I wouldn't trade reliability or safety for money, would you? Besides, Honda beats Kia by four miles per gallon.

Hope you can change your husband's mind! Tell him to go to the Library and look them up in Consumer's Report; maybe that'll work.

Anyway, good luck!|||Kia's are made much better now then they were years ago and they are pretty good on gas but the more fuel efficient cars are coming out soon. The 2011 Hyundai Elantra can get 29 city and 40 highway. http://www.insideline.com/hyundai/elantr鈥?/a>

The Chevy Cruz ECO can get up to 42 MPG http://www.chevrolet.com/cruze/

The Ford Fiesta can 29/40 as well http://www.ford.com/cars/fiesta/|||Getting a free 300 dollar playstation 3 is not a good reason to buy a car. Just saying. Why not buy something more reliable like a hyundai sonata and just buy the ps3 with the money you save on gas?!?

Hyundai has increased their quality exponentially over the past 5 years...hell they have a hyundai block in the lancer evo. That fact alone tells me they build decent engines.|||alot of this question depends on what you are driving now., how many miles you drive a week. and which kia model you are refering to.

a kia is a pretty decent car. the older ones were not so great. but since hyundai bought them they have gotten alot better.

i would not base my car purchase off getting a ps3. just not a very smart dicission.

i would do some research before you buy on all the different cars out there that get above 30 mpg.|||My daughter's 96 Kia gets 32mpg in town. It costs $25 to fill up and goes just over 300 miles on a tank.

The Kia %26amp; Hyundai use the same motors.

Kind of like Ford and Mercury.|||Kias are terrible cars. Look into something like the Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion, Chevy Cruze, Nissan Altima.|||Try looking into Skoda, they are built on Volksvagen parts and price is a lot cheaper.

The fule cost will be as low as on a Kia and you will get more value for your money :)

Does anyone remember the KIA-Honda motorcycle made in Korea between 1965 and 1986?

These days if you ask anyone associated with these two countries, no one will admit a thing about KIA-Honda's existance. I was there when it was the only manufacturer in Korea. What's up?|||NO but I rember the AMF VOIT Harley!!!!!!

Has anyone had good experiences with a Kia?

I'm thinking of leasing a Kia Rondo, and am hesitant because of Kia's past reputation as cheap. But with their good warranty, it doesn't really matter if things go wrong, it's covered then. The Rondo has excellent features in the model I'm looking at, and lots of space for my expanding family. I don't need to worry about future value of it, since I won't be purchasing just leasing. Any thoughts?|||I have a 2004 Kia Optima and would recommend it to my own MOM! I have three kids lined up in the back and my wife and me up front, not even worried about "the safety" issue. My car survived hitting a cow carcass at over 50 MPH and the car just bounced over the thing- I guess it could have been a lot worse! I have put almost 80,000 miles on the car and feel it is one of the best cars out there. Don't get me wrong, Honda and Toyota are reliable too, but I'd rather not pay a premium for the name! Kia and Hyundai are getting better and "safer" every day, I wouldn't be surprised to one day see Kia and Hyundai as common as a Chevy or Ford!|||Kia's are good until the warranty runs out, which is fine if you are on a budget because its 100,000 miles, which will last a few years. If you want a car that will last a long time get a Honda.|||I agree with Jerry. I have heard how Kia's do not hold up in collisions. You get what you pay for. You couldn't pay me to drive a Kia.|||i think kias are really good cars who cares cause their so cheap but they run good and got good gas mileage and also have a good waranty their good i love the hell out of kia sorento's|||my dad is a firefighter, and he has never pulled a live person out of a major accident in a kia .|||Yes, they are good cars. The older 90's Kia's were not so good. But the newer ones are great.|||Dear Cream,

Dont know 1st hand, but you can check Consumer Reports , Online. They have indept info|||yes, but people will throw eggs

How can I get the washer fluid in a 2007 kia rondo to spray?

I can hear the motor but no water is coming out. I took it to kia and they said the lines were clogged. They said they cleaned the lines out and now 2 weeks later no water is coming out.|||Is the solution holding tank full???? Try cleaning the little nozzles with a needle or paper clip. Always use washer solution or distilled water because tap water clogs the nozzles with mineral deposits.

P.S. if there is no pressure, the pump may be shot. try to locate it, take it out and check it.|||clean out the nozzles again, clean the resevoire|||Clean the holes in the squirters with a pin and make sure the tanks full

Anyone know where I can find aftermarket parts for a Kia Rio?

Hey I'm looking for a spoiler and exhaust and possibly carbon fiber hood for my 2004 Kia Rio. Anyone know where I can find this?|||try, www.stylinconcepts.com i order parts from them a lot.|||call your local junk yards or maybe even eBay

How much Canadian cash do you think I'll get for trading in a 2007 Kia Sportage?

I am looking to buy an '08 Jeep Liberty. My Kia Sportage is an '07 with low kilometres and it's still in really good shape. I am finding out from the guy today how much I could get for it but I am just wondering if any of you have any guesses!|||http://www.autotrader.com


http://www.automobileassociation.com|||You would get half of the value of the vehicle if you're trading it in. Sell it privately, you get max $$ for your Kia and use it as a down payment. You'd probably get $7000-$8000 from the guy.

I have $33,000 car loan and about $18,000 left on the loan. My car(34,000 Km) is now worth around $15,000 if I sell it privately. A used cars dealer wanted to give me only $7000 for it when I triedto trade it in for a 4Runner. I still have my car and love it.|||that's a good idea. why not a '09|||Well you're smart for trading in the kia before it fell apart. Jeeps are nice vehicles.|||Your best bet is to go to trader.com and look up your car - see what other people are asking.


How do i install the pressure hose on a 2002 kia optima?

i need to replace the pressure hose on 2002 kia optima due to P/S fluid leaking. can i do it my self? or should I take it to a mechanic?|||Are you mechanically inclined? If so... then yes. Just make sure you use a "Line Wrench" as those lines strip very easily... and make sure you keep an eye on the O-Rings in the ends... make sure you put new ones in, and that the old ones come out.

And just FYI - the pressure line WILL NOT be held one with any clamps... that is the return line.

- Good Luck!|||It should go on with a couple hose clamps. Its not really that hard, but I would have to look and see how much clearance there is.

Will a Kenwood KDC-X492 cd reciever with USB Interface fit and work compatibly in a 1999 Kia Sephia?

I just bought this new radio for 50 bucks and i want to know if it will fit in my 1999 kia sephia?? Can anyone help?|||Crutchfield says it will :


How much would it cost to switch from a manual to auto transmission on a 1999 Kia Sportage?

I was gonna buy this Kia Sportage, but then I saw it had a standard transmission and there's no way I can drive that.|||MUCH more than the car is worth. Manual is not that tough. Anyone can get the jest. Your just afraid of it. Have the dealer or owner take you out to a deserted area and practice before you buy it. Also good to learn how to start out from a dead stop on a hill. When you get that down, you've got it!!!|||it would be cheaper to trade your vehicle for another one.|||2000-3000 (USD)|||Don't even get the Sportage at all. In fact, if you're shopping for a Kia, rope a new one, or one that's a few years older than the new bodies. Any Sportage or Kia for that matter built before 05 will have a mass amount of problems not only with mechanical failures (sportages especially), drive train issues, and a lot of it isn't covered.

But, swapping transmissions is costly, no matter what vehicle you do it to. Practice driving a stick, it may save you or someone else's life one day. It's frustrating at first, but so is learning to tie your shoes.|||Like stated- probably more then its worth. Easiest way would be to locate a donor car and scavange the parts - could adapt a floor shifter to it ( unless it has one).

Manual transmissions arent that hard to operate - ive driven manual transmissioned vehicles for years. Its slipping the clutch and operating the gas thats the toughest bit - you have way more control with a manual trans then an automatic - you control the shift points- its better for slippery conditions/snow/mud - altho i admit , in traffic its a pain.

How many car seats can you comfortably fit into a Kia Soul?

I don't really think this question needs any more detail. I would love to have a Kia Soul, but come Feb, we will have 2 children in car seats and one in a booster (she's 7 and still doesn't fit the height/requirements to be out of one, though it is a no back and seat belt only booster (meaning no harness)). So I'm not really sure if buying one would be feasible for our family.|||Two at most in the back seat.

A Kia Soul is NEVER worth buying.

I spent 31/2 years in Korea where Kia and Hyundai are both made and the Koreans all complain about how cheaply made BOTH are. They make them so I have no reason to doubt them.

Posting your or your child's name here is inviting identity theft or worse. Please change your user name for the protection of your child.



What is the timing on the belt for 2003 kia optima?

I have my timing belt off, I need to know how to put it back on and the proper timing. @003 Kia Optima|||This is a short version, wish I knew why it was off repairs, timing belt failure,maintence ,etc but anyway line cam or cams up at tdc. Line crank up tdc. Install belt and tensioner and rotate engine over by hand twice to make sure timing marks are still where they should and re-install everything add coolant and change oil would be a good idea and if the water pump is ran off timing belt that would be a good time to replace that also. Hope that helps like I said it is a very short version with what information you gave. Also I do agree whole-heartedly with Ebay s|||Put it back the same exact way you just took the old one off assuming you haven't moved the car or run the starter motor etc. You'll need a maintenance manual http://www.haynes.com

http://www.kiatechinfo.com/index.asp|||hi the best thing to do is take it back to your local dealer and have them fix it becuase even though it will be expensive its probably worth it

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Does putting in a brand new engine increase the trade in value of a 2003 Kia Sorento ?

I have a 2003 Kia Sorento LX. I had a brand new engine put in at about 68,000 miles. The new engine now has about 2000 miles on it. My question is, Does this brand new engine increase the trade in value of this car ? If so, by how much would you estimate ?|||it might to an individual but not to a dealer. the blue book does not care what you have done to the car.|||When the valuer at the car yard looks at cars that are being traded they don't give you much more for a car with a new engine than one with the motor working ok. But if you are going to trade make sure that they know you have just had the engine replaced. You may get an extra $500 if you are lucky. Also they will tell you that you would get more for your car if you sell it privately, this is very frustrating, trying to sell a car because there are a lot of tyre kickers out there.|||Maybe around $100-$500 if your lucky. You need to understand that trade value is consider as rolling off showroom floor. So it there are things wrong with your car, you take that blue book value %26amp; then you start to deduct the things that are wrong with it off the book value. A new engine with 2,000 miles may improve it but not by much.|||No.

Is a 530 credit score enough to get a car at Farrell Kia no down payment?

I have a credit score of somewhere between 530 and 560. Is that a good enough score to get a Kia Rio5 at Farrell Kia with no down payment or a very small down payment? Thanks!|||Auto finance is what I do for a living and even Kia doe's not buy that deep.|||well my credit score was a 562 i think it was and i needed a car because i got in an accident

if you have a right sales person that knows what he is doing and he wants his commission then yes you can,

i only put 300$ down and i got a 2007 kia,

and i have had it for a year now,

and it only had 200 miles on it when i got it,

it was new no one used it but me..... I'm first owner,

they really helped me out, because i needed a car bad because i just got into a accident so get you a sales person that know what they are doing,

tell them to try americredit, that's who financed me,

but expect a high interest rate and high payments, i pay 345 a month for my kia, and high interest for a mistake i made back in my day|||sorry no way!!! eiter raise the score or down payment!!!|||Of course not!

Could a 2002 Kia sportage haul a loaded 6x10 box trailer round trip 2000 miles?

I'm looking for a new vehicle and found a 2002 Kia Sportage. I need to go from florida to indiana and back to empty out a storage unit. My dad has a box trailer that's 6x10 and I was wondering if this suv would haul it. Also any other info on the vehicle would be helpful.|||Does the Sportage have a V6 or I4 engine, if not a V6 then forget it. You will need to install a hidden hitch or have u-haul install a hitch (about $200-$250) with brake light connection. I don't think even with the V6 that a Sportage will tow more then 2000 pounds, that trailer probably weighs 1000 pounds alone, so you may need a bigger vehicle. You might just want to rent a pickup from Enterprise or Avis as I don't think the Sportage will hold up under the strain you intend to inflict on it.

How do i connect my ipod to a 2002 kia spectra?

I need to hook up my ipod to my kia. im using a radio transmitter now and i don't like it.|||http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000SE6IV8/ref=pd_lpo_k2_dp_sr_1?pf_rd_p=486539851%26amp;pf_rd_s=lpo-top-stripe-1%26amp;pf_rd_t=201%26amp;pf_rd_i=B001T4SNQO%26amp;pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER%26amp;pf_rd_r=0NVMTN1JNWQTB7X35G55

'this should do it

Where is rear window fluid reservoir located for 2000 Kia Sportage?

I have a 2000 KIA Sportage and filled my window washer fluid for the front but when I press the button to wipe the back window, no fluid comes out. I hear the noise but nothing comes out. Apparently there is another reservoir to fill located in the back? I have no idea where it is.. I need help. Thanks.|||look on the front reservoir. On my blazer both work from the same resevoir. you can tell because there will two motors/pumps on the tank if thats the case. or you can listen to the sound and find where it is coming from. just a try for you. good luck.|||I don't believe that there is a reservoir for the back. There is only a wiper.

How to listen to recorded voice memos on a Kia Ceed car stereo?

How can I listen to recorded voice memos from my MP3 player on my Kia Ceed Car stereo - it is currently not recognising the recording file from the MP3 player|||Not all MP3 players are 100% compatible with car stereos - some only give limited functionality %26amp; access to basic file types %26amp; formats. You could ask your local Kia dealer, but unless it's as simple as using the player's controls to select %26amp; play the memo, you may not be able to do this through the car.|||If it is not recognising it then it is in the wrong format or possibly at the wrong bit rate.

How can I disable car alarm on a 2000 Kia Sephia?

I dont have the remote and it never gave me any problems, until a few weeks ago, I tried turning it on and the alarm went off. I cant figure out how to turn it off and I need my car, for now Im driving my husbands car but we need the Kia so that I can drop off and pick up the kids when school resumes. Pls someone help.|||try to check it out first on auto repair shop....

How to use the Cruise Control setting on a Kia Soul?

For any Kia Soul owners: I've misplaced the manual and unfortunately don't know how to active %26amp; operate Cruise Control. Please Assist!|||Okay press the little button in, set to the speed you want, then twist the knob to the "on" position for cruise.|||Can't help you, but can suggest that you go to the dealer and have him show you how to use the cruise control.

What is the time frame of a 2002 kia optima subframe repair?

Im curious on how long it takes to repair the sub-frame on a 2002 kia optima?|||depends on the damage and how busy the shop is. Talk to your body repair shop for a time then add a day.

Are the kia soul hamsters making fun of the scion xb in the commercial?

You may have seen this commercial where these hamsters start rapping and saying that the kia soul is better than other cars. It doesn't name any other car by name, but a toaster drives by and the scion has been called a toaster. My Mom really wants to know.|||They are, as well as the Honda Element, but it's so stupid considering the Scion xB is the obvious best buy car out of the three. Who cares about a car with pulsing stero lights? Which car has been awarded and named the better car more times? The xB, which car has the larger aftermarket and accessory support? The xB. I'd like to see a little Kia Soul push 400whp on a all out stock motor. It can't, the xB can. The xB is Scion, which for the past 3 or 4 years, has been named the most reliable car brand, ahead of it's parent company Toyota. So really, tell me, which car is better? That is called false advertisment my friend, such as Chevy/GMC making the truck comercial with a Toyota Tudra, and Dodge Ram being torn apart in the mud, debadged.....

Each vehicle s made different and has it's own aim.|||Yes they are making fun of Scion.......and I love it!!!

How much could i get for a 2004 kia rio?

What is a reasonable price to sell my 2004 kia rio in good condition for?|||$2500

how many miles are on it?

that affects it a LOT

A "Cinco" model (wagon) may get $3000 if it has low miles

Average about $2500

Also, your 10-year warranty is not transferable

Remember, Kias are crap, and nobody would pay that much for one

They were hardly $10000 brand NEW

Also, NOBODY actually pays Kelly Blue Book value for ANY car

Use Edmunds' True Market Value instead; it's MUCH closer to what people would actually pay


Automatics are also MUCH more desirable than manual-transmission cars|||Based on www.kbb.com, assuming 60k miles (12k per year), private party value in good condition is approximately $4700.

The final number will vary based on your location, and of course, what a potential buyer is willing to pay.|||Go to http://www.google.com/base, and click Vehicles on the left.

When it opens, without doing anything with the drop down boxes, put "2004 Kia Rio xxxxx", without the quotes, with xxxxx is your zip code, in the search box.

You'll get a bunch of them in your area.|||I have 08 Models with less than 10k Miles Im am selling on my lot for 9k or so....

Try sites like KBB and Autotrader to see what they are selling for in your area!


P.S - That "Nobody pays KBB part is BS"...we do it all the time depending on the quality of the car and what kind of car we are talking about here....sometimes higher than KBB excellent...so take that with a grain of salt.

What is the techno song used in the kia soul commercial?

Its only a like 15 second commercial and it has NO HAMSTERS IN IT. Its just a commercial of a green kia soul driving in an urban area at night. I seen it while watching a video on adult swim video.

Theres no words in the song that i've heard and remember... NO HAMSTERS|||It kind of sounds like some variation of "You spin my head right round", but yeah, it's been bugging me also.

How can I fix the pulsing headlights and instrument panel lights on my 2005 Kia Rio?

The battery, parking brake light and headlights pulse when I'm accelerating my Kia Rio. Anybody have any ideas what might be the problem?|||Get your alternator check. It might not be charging normal.

What is the lowest car insurance for a Kia?

I need insurance for just 1 vehicle a 2002 Kia Rio valued at $2500 How can i get an insurance policy that would pay for repairs and the other persons medical bills for under $300 a year Is there any plan that offers car insurance at this rate or less|||repairs?? what type of insurance company offers that?? you bought a 2002 kia for 2500?? what the hell would you need them to pay for the repairs for?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a kia rio?

i am considering purchasing a 2002 kia rio and would like to gather all the information i can. can anyone tell me about this type of car? thanks!|||The only good things I can say about that car is that it is cheap and gets good gas mileage. Please be aware, that the 100k mile warranty is not transferrable. Assuming the car has 60k miles and is an automatic, the Kelly Blue Book Wholesale value is $4,900. Retail is $7,350. This vehicle is not very popular and sells for less than wholesale. If you find one in very good condition, do not pay more than $4k. Make sure to have it inspected by a mechanic before you buy. Good luck.|||We don't have the 2002 data for Kia Rio but you can get some information from our 2006 model page which includes some vehicle reviews and the lowest new car price listed:


If you are shopping for a 2002 model, you should be able to compare prices here:

http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-1704719-568鈥?/a>|||Hi I have a 2002 Kia Rio and I would suggest you check on the mileage left on the warranty end of it and if the 5 year warranty has expired you may have to get your own extended warranty. It is a good little car to drive tho. It gets good mileage etc. I also have a 2006 Rio|||I have 12 years in the auto industry. Easy answer--Upside cheap,

downside--no trade value.|||Advantage is price and economical operation. The down side is that they are noisy little tin cans, that the Koreans shunned as taxicabs.|||while it may seem like a great decision in the short-term,where they really get you is in mait.

How to install FM Direct in a 2007 Kia Sorento?

I know I have to get to the wires behind the stereo to install the fm direct but my problem is I don't know how to get to them. So, does anyone out there know how to get behind the stereo of a 2007 Kia Sorento?|||This document will give you illustrated, step-by-step instructions:


What coolant should i use for my 2002 kia sedona?

What coolant should i use for my 2002 kia sedona? i bought motomaster pre-mixed is that alright???? also i should add it when my engine is cooled right?|||Yes the premixed coolant is fine. Adding it while the engine is cool would be safer. You will most likely be putting the coolant in the overflow tank so it shouldn't really matter if the engine is completely cooled off.|||If you are adding coolant at all, you might have a problem. Coolant does not get used up, so if you are replacing coolant, you probably have a leak somewhere. But yeah, a 50/50 pre-mix coolant is fine.

I put on new tires on my Kia Optima do I need to get the Timing Belt adjusted?

I put on 2 new tires on my Kia Optima and now I am getting worse gas mileage!! The tires that were replaced were exactly the same size and make. Do I need to have the timing belt looked at and maybe adjusted with new tires?|||good you got 2 new tires. now push your kia to the junkyard|||The timing belt has nothing to do with tires. The tires may need air or an alignment.|||The timing belt has nothing to do with tires or gas mileage. The engine may need tuneup it depends on how many mile are on the car %26amp; if the engine was ever tuned up before|||The timing belt is not related to tires at all...

If you are suddenly getting less gas mileage, check your tire air pressure, sometimes they forget to fill them to proper pressure...usually right at 30 psi on most vehicles.

If that doesn't help, you have other causes for poor mileage, like plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter, etc...in a remote instance, your timing belt could be worn, you should have it checked anyway...especially if the car has 50,000 or more miles on it.|||huh............If it was someone at tire shop don't go back. My guess that was about when gas went up .50 cents a gallon, we all are getting worse mileage now!!! lol|||The timing belt has nothing to do with getting your tires changed. Make sure the tires are properly inflated. There is a sticker on your car when you open the driver side door. It tells you the proper tire size on your car, and for your spare. It also tells you the recommended air pressure the tires should have. If they are under inflated it will affect your gas mileage.

Other things that will affect your gas mileage are...

Bad plugs, and wires,

Very dirty air filter,

Clogged or stuck PCV valve,and or EGR valve.

Clogged fuel filter,

Dirty fuel injectors.. I recommend putting Lucas fuel injector cleaner in the fuel tank.,

poor quality gas.

Poor driving habits!|||normally, we have to change our tires in the set of four new tires. if you have problem with mileage and higher gas consumption, you must have tune-up your car to the certified mechanic.. and they're the one will change oil and adjust timing belt, and adjust the valve clearance and clean the carburetor. for the best performance your car must be check up twice a year. believe me because im a car mechanic!

Does anybody knows how to unlock a Kia Sorrento ?

Keys are inside. Need to unlock a 2003 Kia sorrento. It is Sunday, dealers are not open Locksmith is a waste. Any practical Ideas of how to open and get my keys inside?|||You can get in, but it will take time and patience not to mess up you car.

1. get some sort of wedge, can be rubber, wood, no metal. Can be wrapped in a rag.

2. stand on a box next to the drivers door to see the top seam of the door.

3. lightly drive wedge in between door and body frame till you space the door out between 1/2" and 1". Be careful here and take your time.

4. find a long thin rod, and slide in through the gap and hit the power door lock button. If you have a outside antenna on the SUV or another, many times these will work well if unscrewed.

Done this many times to gain access to cars that have window glass that goes up into the door frame. Once tools are set, should take you 5 minutes or so. Again... PATIENCE as you can easily damage your rubber gaskets, scrape all the paint off in the door jam, dent the door frame, etc.|||Many times local police department can come unlock your car, u will sign a waiver in case they break the window.

What is the torque setting for a kia sedona cylinder head bolts?

hi, does any one know what the torque settings are for the cylinder head bolts on a kia sedona 2.9td 2001 are?|||Ask main dealer.|||get a manual. you really shouldn't attempt jobs like this without the right tools and information is just another tool.

How to change fog lamp on 2004 kia optima?

Does anyone know how to change the fog lamp on a 2004 Kia Optima? I it's hard to reach. |||sounds like you need to know how to reach them. Alldata.com

How can I get my 2009 KIA Rio to recognize my Ipod Touch 2G?

We just bought a 2009 KIA Rio. It has a USB port and it recognizes Ipod Nano, 4G, 5G and Mini but it does not recognize my Ipod Touch 2G. Is there an app to fix this or do I have to jailbreak my Ipod?|||There is no ap for that. The reason why it doesnt recognize it is because the ipod touch has the same firmware technology as the iphone. If your stereo was not built by the manufacture to work with and iphone it will not work with and ipod touch. Sorry to give you the bad news. The best bet is to by a new stereo that works with an Iphone and you will be all set.|||Is your Ipod on the lastest Apple update? That might fix it.|||take them out for dinner and drinks/works for me

Is it true that toyota and kia are joining?

I also heard that Kia is using toyota engines. Is that true, too?|||No. Kia is closely related to Hyundai (One owns some or all of the other and that company was partially owned by Chrysler) and they use Chryslers world 4 cylinder engines that was designed by Mitsubishi, Chrysler, and Kia/Hyundai.|||no its not true.....some of there engines for thier american made cars are made in alabama.....

i dont really think toyota and kia would ever merge.....

the korean culture and the japanesse culture really have a strong dislike for each other......goes back a long ways|||no, that will never happen. kia is owned by hyundai so kia uses hyundai engines|||Of course not duh.|||Nope. But it seems that Hyundai and Kia might have some connection in vehicle developement which includes engines. The Hyundai Arjenis if I not spelled wrong is almost about the same as Kia latest Cee'D.

How much does it cost to replace a timing belt in a Kia Rio?

I'm considering buying a 2003 Kia Rio as a commuter car for school. The asking price is $4500. It's a good car and the owner said he recently had the timing belt replaced. I've read that replacing timing belts seems to be a consistent problem with Kias. How much does something like that usually cost? I don't want to be pumping a ton of money into a car that I'm not paying a whole lot for in the first place.|||Timing belt replacement normally run approximately $200 - 400 depending on the shop. Some shop may suggest new water pump and/ or timing components since it saves on labor to do everything when its apart in the same area.

Should I trust a 2008 Kia Spectra 5 as my only family vehicle?

I have heard a lot of bad reviews. Are these cars worth it? Why do buyers choose kia? The warranty? The low price?

Does anyone own one with small kids? How many carseats do you have in the backseat?|||Sure, it's fine.

Why not look at the Hyundai Sonata? Comparable price and mileage (on the 4 cylinder), same warranty, and much more room for your family.

I don't own one, but it should snuggly fit 2 carseats.|||Well I never owned the Spectra 5 buy I had a regular Spectra until it got rear ended by a truck at an intersection. The chassis got bent since I was stopped and he was going about 50, but I was fine. So the safety of a Kia is a great reason to buy one. They come standard with ABS and side curtain airbags. I found the car to be reliable, fun to drive, good on gas, and cheaper than an equally equipped Civic. Not to mention that the new Civic is ugly in my opinion. If you have any problems, the 5 year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty is great. Basically, anyone who says the Spectra is a bad car hasn't driven one.|||Kia is a subsidiary of Hyundai, so if you wouldn't buy a Hyundai, then forget the Kia as well. I had a awful experience with Hyundai in 86 and will never own a Koren car again, and that includes the Daewoo's GM has been selling as Suzuki's Forenza, Reno, and Verona....and lets not forget about the Chevy Aveo....all junk. Buy a nice used Honda or Toyota|||The bad reviews you heard must have been old reviews.

Kia's were bad in the 90's.

After 2001, they began making much better cars because they hired lots of people and made lots of money.

Now they are reliable and have great quality. They are very nice cars.

I have driven over 200 cars because of my jobs. Kia and Hyundai always suprise me. They have very nice cars now.|||The only thing that makes KIA worth buying is its warranty and low cost. Other than that you can expect that the car will lose at least half of its value in the first year of ownership|||why not spend a few extra dollars for a more refined, better gas mileage honda civic?|||yes go for it its great|||Most bad reviews are from people that have never had a Kia or heard of Kias that were bad in the '90s. I see a lot of Kia Sephias on the road, so I think it's safe to say they are fairly good guys, even back in the late '90s. Especially consider the fact that there weren't many Kias sold in the U.S. in the '90s. I own an '04 Kia Optima and it is large enough to fit a car seat for my 2 y.o. son, a booster chair base for my 7 y.o. daughter and a carrier base for my newborn! I believe the newer Spectras are around the same size, although you may want to research that. I think having more than two car seats or carriers in the back would be a squeeze. I can fit all three, but it works for now. Once the kids get older I think more room will open up.

I think I bought a Kia because I really didn't want to spend a lot on a Camry, Accord or Altima. I really didn't want a GM, Ford or Chrysler car either, too many reliability issues. I test drove the Optima and it was nice, it was a lot more refined than most people would think, it was spacious and I believe the interior is up to Japanese standards, maybe even better than some Japanese brands.

The warranty was promising, but as in all warranties, you must follow the scheduled maintenance and that could be costly. If you do buy a new Kia, the first year the dealer will fix or adjust anything wrong for free. Then the 5 year/60,000 mile warranty kicks in and that is pretty nice also. The only thing that my car still has is the 10 year/100,000 mile warranty. I think the dealer won't help me out with that since I haven't had the timing belt changes or had any of the 30/60/90,000 mile servicing done. I have had the struts replaced in a private garage and replaced the front brake pads myself. The dealer did change out the key f.o.b. receiver (opens and closes the door with the remote) free, under warranty. Well, the only thing that has gone out is the driver's side marker light on the front quarter panel (the yellow light assembly all by itself, next to the tire that stays lit while the headlamps are on) and on of the key f.o.b. remotes.

The price was fairly appealing, especially when you consider the amount of standard equipment.

Kia is a great car company and is a great alternative to Honda and Toyota.

How torqued do flywheel bolts need to be on a 1999 Kia Sephia.?

After removing the flywheel from the engine to fix the flex-plate, I lost the Haynes Manual to the car. I need to know how tight I need to torque the bolts on the flywheel for a 1999 Kia Sephia. Does anyone have a Haynes Manual who can tell me, or by chance does anyone know?|||75-79 ft-lbs. Got info from ALLDATA. If this is automatic, forget about this note.

What does the "power" light mean in my 97 kia sportage?

I have a 97 Kia sportage and the "power" light just came on, anyone have any idea what this means?|||You have hit the over drive button that turns the over drive off and the "Power" light comes on when over drive is turned off, look on the console and find the over drive button and turn it back on then the light should light up "Economy", if it lights up any thing at all!|||Sounds like the switch for the transmission, should be power and normal, maybe you bumped it by mistake, it should be near the gear shift selecter between the seats.|||Look for a button or switch by the shifter that says power. It just changes the way the transmission shifts to give you more (not much) power but less economy. Find the button/switch and turn it to normal or off of power.

How do I get to the cabin air filter of 2005 Kia Spectra?

I don't know how to get grommets out that are near the glovebox. I need to install a cabin air filter and need to get to the fan as well. (Once before a piece of paper had gotten to fan and fan rattled horribly--Kia fixed it. Now I need to do it myself. Need directions on how to do this.|||The glove box will need to be completely removed. Once the glove box is removed, you'll see 2 clip. Remove the clips and you will see the paper filter.

As for the fan, you have to remove it from the bottom of the glove box.

What are your reviews about the toyota FJ cruiser or the Kia Seoul?

I am looking out to buy an suv and i love the FJ cruiser but its out of my budget range but i really like it. what about the kia seoul? it looks really cute. can any1 tell me any reviews about these autos? any reviews!|||I would recommend that you stick with something inside of your budget. Cars are not something smart to splurge on, because they lose value so quickly. A house or an investment maybe, but not a car.

That being said, I actually own an FJ. I have a 2007 4x4, which was the first model year. The only problems I've run into is that the 2007 models had thinner paint than newer models (prone to chipping from road debris), and the near vertical windshield is going to deflect much more sand and rocks than a normal car, so you'll see pitting much earlier than normal. The mileage is 17-21 average. In town, it's a bit lower, on the highway a bit higher. It probably averages out around 17. The early models did much better on premium gas, so it's certainly not a vehicle to get if you care about the price of gas.

I can't speak to the KIA, but I know a large number of FJ owners, many who pound the snot out of their 4x4s off road, and there aren't any significant design or maintenance issues outside of what I mentioned above that owners are upset about. Reliability has been extraordinarily good, and maintenance is easy enough that I do nearly all of my service myself.

Best way to find out more is to visit online forums devoted to those vehicles. You'll find out what the Kool-aid drinkers hate about their vehicle, and also get good tips from them on what you should expect to pay to get a good deal. fjcruierforums is a good website that I used to buy and research mine.|||kia seoul is sorta junk engines used are sorta klunky

and they dont hold upto potholes or heavy driveing

reviews on car are good but none say what happens when u hit something minor

i had one of them in shop and frt end was tore up from minor potholes

and other werid issues like tail light gos out horn stops working

toyoya fj isnt bad high mait costs tho %26lt; minor things cost 2x compared or other suv's %26gt;

and its a truck not even in same range or build quality as the kia or any kia

mileage sucks dont care what reviews say hope you like 16mpg

if your looking for a odd looking import look at

Scion xB even the cube is a better car then the kia|||know people who have both and the repairs are constant and insanely expensive. Get an American SUV.

One of my Oxygen sensors is out in my 2004 Kia Rio. How will it affect the car if I keep on driving it?

One of my Oxygen sensors is out in my 2004 Kia Rio. I don't have the money to fix it right now. The mechanic has to order the part from the manufacturer and said it costs $233. I was wondering if it would hurt to drive the car until I can save up the money to get it fixed?|||I would get a second price or go to the parts store and change it your self before you damage your catalytic converter and add to your financial problems.|||That depends on which O2 sensor it is.

If it's the one that is upstream of the catalytic converter, it will definitely have an effect on your MPG. Forget buying one from the 'stealer', go down to Autozone or something and get a universal-fit type O2 sensor. Or you could buy a Chevy or Ford one with the same # of wires, and splice that puppy in there, provided you know which wire is sensor ground, sensor signal, and O2 heater power %26amp; ground.

If it's the one behind the cat, don't even worry about it, as it is just a money grabbing 'light thrower' , and it's only purpose in life is to monitor the cat, and has absolutely no effect on air-fuel ratio, or engine performance. G/L!|||over time with a bad O2 sensor you'll eventually erode away the catalytic converter. you'll have a strong gas smell coming out of the tailpipe, the annoying engine light will be on.

and you'll get bad mileage, and also the engine will idle rough, and the engine can even stall out on you. BUT, you still should be able to drive the car without any safety issues.|||it will use gas and fowl out the plugs.

How much will a Kia soul cost in 2 years?

Im gonna be 16 in 2 years and I wanted a Kia Soul. How much will they cost by then?|||Depends on what you want. If you want a 2 year old model, it will be at least a few thousand dollars cheaper. If you buy a brand new model, it may cost a few hundred or thousands more than today's price, depending on the content changes (options) and overall reputation of the model in the next couple years.|||Car is ugly and for the guy who said get the Flex. Thats a butt ugly car too.|||that car is really ugly get a ford flex!

What is the settings for the timing for a 1998 Kia Sephia?

Needing to reset the timing on 1998 KIA SEPHIA, just replaced the belt and can't reset it.|||Im taking it that you are talking about ignition timing?? If it is, there is no adjustment for that, You may have made an error in replacing the belt. Be sure all the timing marks on each pulley lines up.

Why does my 2006 kia rio have a problem starting after filling with gas?

My kia has a problem starting after filling with gas, somebody told me it could be the evaporative canister is this true?|||That could be true or it could be because the Kia Rio is a cheap @ss car.

What should the interest rate be on a 2000 Kia?

My wife and I are buying a 2000 Kia Sportage with 55,0000 miles for $5900. She has always had perfect credit and mine has been so-so. The dealer is offering us financing with a 12% interest rate which was more than we had expected. He claims the higher rate is due to the vehicle's age and not any credit issues. Does this make sense? Are we getting hosed?|||No your not getting hosed, the older the vehicle the higher the rate. the less the amount the higher the rate.

Most major lenders will not provide loans for model years beyond 6 years or below $ 7500., it becomes a personal loan to qualify.

I always like to be on the consumer side, but in this case the salesperson is right, and consider yourself lucky to even being able to finance a 2000 model at that rate.

I would be interested as to whom the lender is, if you care to disclose contact me through my website http://www.usedcartips.org/

PS.. $5900. for a 2000 kia is another issue ?, I have a strong feeling the price somehow ties in with the loan at 12%,,, buy here pay here in house financing ?|||price is too high for a crappy kia|||it doesn't sound right ,a few years ago i bought an old model can,and got it for 6% through a local bank and it was ten years old,that doesnt sound right at all,i cant say for sure whether your getting hosed real bad,but that is a high rate to pay with good credit,i know age plays a big role in financing one,but 12% man thats pretty high for anyone or any car,i could understand if you had bad credit,but with good credit this dont sound right,id talk to them and see if they could lower it some,i have heard of people doing this,and they would lower it,anything would beat paying that much,good luck with it,|||Credit is offered by a creditor and he's taking a risk on you paying it back. If you've got a good history, then his risk is small. So the rate reflects that. Also, the more money that the creditor is risking, the higher the rate may be, but again, your credit history helps alleviate a lot of that risk. What in the h茅ll the age of the commodity has to do with the risk of doing business with YOU, I have no idea.

Dealers, who arrange financing, shop around for the best rate for you. Then they add on 2 or 3 percentage points that gets kicked back to them from the creditor. You might get a better rate by going through your bank or credit union.|||a Kia depreciates in value so fast, the interest rate should be a negative number ;)

How do I fix my gear box in my Kia Sephia?

My automatic shift stick on my gear box in my 2001 Kia Sephia will not shift unless there is something (screwdriver) inserted in a little hole to the right of the stick. It seems to be a common problem as the manual told me to insert a screwdriver. How do I fix this problem?|||You have a 10 year, 100,000 mile power train warranty from Kia. Why not go to the dealer and use it?|||Two possibilities.

There is a switch on the brake pedal that unlocks the gearshift when the pedal is pressed. Check to see if your brake lights are working. That is a clue.

The other possibility is the solenoid (magnetic switch) in the center console below the gear shifter. If it is working you should hear a click when the car is on and you press the brake pedal.

This condition will also occur if you battery is completely dead.|||Not too sure you said it was an automatic transmission right? But are having problems placing it in to drive, reverse ect? It sounds more like a gadget problem if your having to place something in a hole. Maybe it could be the locking device that prevents you from accidental knocking it into drive.

How to change a serpentine belt on a 2004 kia Optima 4cyl?

I wanted to know how would you change a serpentine belt on a 2004 Kia Optima 4cyl and what are the tools need?|||1. Check to see if there is a belt routing diagram sticker under the hood, if not, draw one yourself. The routing can be a major pain in the behind if you forget how the belt goes and nothing to reference it by.

2. A socket with a breaker bar, or sometimes just the breaker bar itself (on a belt tensioner with a square drive to release tension), can be used a lot of times. Sometimes there is no room to get these tools in there and you will have to use a serpentine belt tool to release the tension. It's a free loan-a-tool at Autozone. Probably easier just to get one in the first place, while you are getting the belt. It has a nice long handle for good leverage.

3. Release the tension on the belt and hold the tool with one hand, while taking the belt off with the other hand. Release the tool you are using to hold the belt tensioner(slowly, it's a strong spring).

4. Put the new belt on using the belt routing diagram. Put it on over every pulley except one. Pull the tensioner loose again and slip the belt over the last pulley and let the tool go. You are pretty much done. Just check to make sure the belt is seated in all the pulleys correctly before starting. I usually "bump" the starter a couple of times before starting it, just to help seat the belt.|||Generally just a breaker bar or ratchet, probably 1/2" but possibly 3/8" there is a square hole in the idler bracket, insert there and pull forward on transverse engines, the belt will loosen, pull off the idler pulley.

**** make a sketch of the routing of the belt BEFORE you start.****|||Use a box wrench to release belt tension by turning the idler pulley counter clockwise. There should be a decal to show proper routing of the belt. Install new belt and release the pressure on the idler pulley.

Where are the spark plugs located on a 96 kia sportage?

Need to change the spark plugs but not sure where they are. What has to be removed to get to them? Its a 1996 kia sportage 4wd.|||Look under the hood, you will see a BLACk cover under a big black rubber hose,this is part of the VALVE COVER, remove the 6 bolts from the cover. Under this black cover are 2 COILS with 2 spark plugs under them. DO NOT REMOVE the plugs with a HOT car - the car has aluminum heads and you will strip the plugs. The other 2 wires can be more easily seen and have a black boot on them - under the 2 black rubber boots are the other 2 spark plugs..

Lots of Kia sportages misfire and skip and the check engine lite will come on..usually its a bad wire or plug..very common in these cars..also, if the VALVE cover gasket LEAKS at all, oil will get into the boots or wires or plugs and cause the car to skip and idle rough or MISFIRE

What octane gas should I use in my 2006 Kia Sorento?

I just bought a 2006 Kia Sorento and there is no owners manual. I have been putting 85 octane gas in it(that is the lowest in my state) and was wondering if I should use 87 (which is the lowest in most states). If you have a 2006 Sorento, would you please tell me what the manual says to use. Thanks a bunch...|||ur fine on 85 car manufactures design cars to run on "pump" gas or "unleaded" gas which is all gas..unless the car is turbo charged or running hi compression which its not then ur all set..|||if you haven't been having any problems then I wouldn't worry about it. if you have been getting engine knock or your check engine light has came on then up the octane. your car isn't supercharged or turbocharged so there no need for higher octane to prevent spark knock.|||The Kia dealership can answer any question you may have about the vehicle, Most likely 87 is the octane it uses. I only know of luxury high end expensive vehicles that must use 91 octane or higher.|||A Kia? They will run fine on 85 octane. In Korea, where they are made, the best they can get is 80. Good luck.

Is a special Ipod cable really necessary for the Kia Sorrento?

Just bought a 2011 Kia Sorrento and was told that it is better to use the Ipod cable that they sell at the dealership instead of the one that comes w/your Ipod due to it messing up with the car. Does anyone know if this is true?|||Probably not...probably just a schtick to selling more accessories.

Still...my car doesn't even have one of those wacky ports. I have to listen to actual bonified CDs (that's compact disks for the uninitiated)...go figure! Actually...I like it better that way.

Where is the trans drain plug for a 1995 kia sportage?

I'll be changing the tranny fluid for my mother in law's 1995 kia sportage 5-speed and was wondering if anyone knew where the transmission fluid drain plug was, thanks!|||I take it it's a manual????? The drain plug is on the bottom of the box it should be a size 24mm or 15/16inch the filler plug is on the side of the gear box fill that up until you have fluid coming out. for manual transmission ya wanna use VMX80 or something to that equivalent which is a gear oil. Most commonly used for manual transmissions.|||So far as I know it doesn't have any drain plug , therefore the transmission pan most be removed. Don't forget to use the manufactures recommended fluid and to change the transmission filter , they usually sell kits for that.Plus you should once you've taken the pan off clean the pan and the transmission surfaces that the gasket will have to go on.Later once its driven a few hundred miles retighten the bolts on the pan slightly.

I do suggest if your not sure of doing this type of job or not handy enough etc that you get a shop to do it.It really isn't that hard of a job but be sure you've the proper clearance in order to get the pan off the vehicle before doing the job . Suggest you get a torgue ranch for best results..

Good luck

Best of luck

Can I claim compensation or sue Kia for selling me faulty products?

I recently bought a new body panel from a company who sell Genuine Kia parts. I had the panel sprayed and then went to fit it today. To my horror the part I bought from this company has a piece missing where it connects to the chassis. Who is to blame for this? Kia or the company I bought it from? What compensation am I entitled to?|||At this point, the only compensation you are entitled to is a correctly manufactured part, if in fact the one you received was defective. It is quite possible that the missing piece you mention is actually a separate part. Above that, there isn't much else you would be owed. As aggravating as it may be, being inconvenienced and upset does not a lawsuit make.|||You're entitled to a new part. What more could you want?|||Depends what the piece is. Was it missing from the panel you bought? Was it YOUR fault that you just thought that pieces to connect them come with the new one as well? I put on a rear bumper panel, and yeah you have to put in stuff to hold it to the body. Those pieces don't come with the replacement. You take them off from the the old one and use them again when you put the new one on. So the first key question is what part is missing. Now if you are saying the part was MADE wrong then you still don't sue Kia. You complain to the person you bought the part from, and if you had to sue anyone it would be them first and the manufacturer of the part next. Kia didn't likely make the part, they contract that out. My guess is either you don't understand how manufacturing works, or you think you can get a big pay day. Most likely you would just get the part replaced. Depending on the part that's missing you really should have checked it out when you picked up the part.|||No you canot sue KIA, you did not buy the part from KIA.

What would it cost to have front end alignment and cv joint replaced in 2006 kia optima?

I have a 2006 kia optima and the front end needs aligning and it sounds like the left cv joint is "popping". What causes the cv joints to go bad and how much does it cost to fix them?|||CV joints may cost about $2-300 dollars to replace including labor and parts. Front alignment will cost about $50 more or so.|||CV joints are permanently lubricated and have a rubber boot to seal them. If the boot is cracked, torn, or came loose, it allows dirt and water in which destroys the joint. You can buy as an assembly(shaft and joints). Also install new seals. Shop around to get the best price.

Rebuilt engine for kia sportage should cost what?

I have a 2001 kia sportage 2L 4x4 that needs the engine rebuilt what should that run? I got an estimate of $3300.00 and if that is the case forget it. I'll just get another car.|||Dump it and buy a new one...it's time

$3000.00 is about w/labor and warranty etc;|||Get a new car. Once you pay the cash for the motor and the labor to install, you could have put a good amount down on a new car. Your car is already 7 years old. The new KIA is under $13,000 and comes with a very impressive warranty.|||Thats about right.Dont buy a kia next time.If you punch in dont buy a kia into your pc,they will tell you all the horror stories.|||kia sportage?

Just follow the postman and pick up the rubberbands as he drops them.

Replace the existing ones :)|||wow that is expensive , I'm not sure how much it will cost but i believe that was how much mine was going to cost but I just got a 1999 KIA sportage for only $3,000 so I would not go out and have the motor rebuilt just get another vehicle

Can i install an alarm/remote start with an existing factory kia keyless entry?

I am looking into buying a 2009 Kia Rio really soon. My only concern is would I be able to hook up an alarm and remote start to the current keyless entry equipment or would i have to remove that device and insert the new device into it. I read that some cars have the possibility to have alarms and remote starters connected to the current keyless entry but I havent found anything on the Rio or Kia.|||Yes, but the factory system will be disabled when the aftermarket one is instaled. The factory system will be working again, once the aftermarket is removed.

Does the Kia Sedona start giving you transmission problems around 100,000 miles or does it run further?

Ive been told that the toyota, honda, etc. etc. will run well without giving your any transmission problems up until 300,000 miles. But have experienced the american made cars tend to start having transmission problems around 100,000 miles. Does anyone know if the Kia brand runs well like the toyota???|||My experience with the KIA is that after the 100,000 mile factory warranty is up, the whole car tends to self destruct! They got rid of it for a reason! I wouldn't recommend buying one with that many miles on it!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why is there always a Kia car found dead on the side of the road?

Every now and then, I see a car parked on the side of the highway, either in the city or on the interstate. It is always a Kia. There have been a few Fords, but not as much as there have been Kias. Is there a problem with those cars or is it JUST THAT KIA SUCKS?|||Yes there is a reason for that. There is a reason for the insanely low prices on any KIA. It is the fact they are made cheaply and poorly. Generally you think foreign car good car right? But in this case the car is not coming from japan it is coming form Korea which Korea's standards are very very low when it comes to car manufacturing. They are slapped together with not the best materials and sold at a cheap price so they appeal to people that cant blow a lot of money for a car. I have heard that a KIA will drive good for the first six years then major parts and repairs will be needed after that.|||I don't know but I did have an old guy in a kia SUV Right up my *** today on a two lane road...he tailgated so badly that it really bugged the hell out of me, good thing I drive a mustang, I lost him as soon as I could.|||KIA's are poorly made, imo. i've heard they're made with several different parts from all different companies.

and FORD stands for "Found On Road Dead". |||They just suck. Almost as bad as Hyndai used to be.|||Well, they arent a Toyota or Honda. They are ok for the first 2-3 years but after that watch out.

What is the recommended psi of a 2003 Kia Spectra?

I need to know the recommended tire pressure for a 2003 Kia Spectra. We currently have it at 35 psi.|||actually that depends on the tire, not the car . . the psi is on the side of the tire . . but 35lbs is probably a good average . . definitely not underinflated|||With the factory tires it actually 30 psi..( Note: if you have aftermarket tires this changes)

When the Kia vehicles arrive at the dealer the tires are inflated to 60 psi for transport during the pre delivery inspection (P.D.I.) the tires are deflated to 30 psi. for proper wear and ride quality. our district service manager would actually back flag our time p.d.i. if he found a car on our lot that the tires were not set to 30 psi.|||Open the drivers door and read what it says on the Tire Load and Inflation Sticker.

What and where is the power supply for the CD player in a 2007 Kia Optima?

I recently asked a question about trouble with the CD/Radio in a 2007 Kia Optima. I was told to try replacing the "power supply". What and where is the power supply referred to?|||I think you'd get it done from the experts in the local market as power supply is different for different CD players. Also, you'll require special tools to unlock it fully.

At how many miles should I expect to change the shocks on my '05 Kia Sorento?

I have a '05 Kia Sorento which I love. It has about 48k miles on it which have been mostly highway and country miles. At how many miles should I expect to need to change my shocks? Seems like it has gotten a tad rougher of a ride over the last year but the tires are also only about 6 months from needing replaced, if that matters.|||3

How much would you pay for the Kia Soul?

How much would you pay for the 2010 Kia SOUL+ which has a base price of $15,195. I am planning to buy the soul but was wondering what everyone else would pay. I offered $15,500 CASH OUT THE DOOR but the sales person gave me $17,650 So would any of you pay 17k for a soul + or would the 17k rather be used to buy the Sport. In my opinion the soul shouldnt be worth more than 15k|||I would never pay more than the manufacturer's MSRP. If the dealer is adding to the price, walk away. A good way to find a fair price or true market value for new cars is to go to edmunds.com.|||First of all, not my style. But I think that you gave them a handsome offer, I would try another dealership if they don't call you back.

How much should i offer on this Kia sportage?

2006 Kia Sportage, excellent condition. 69,000 miles, sunroof, leather seats (heated), 6 disk CD player, privacy glass, power windows, power locks, remote keyless entry. From a dealership it is listed at $14,995.

What is a good number to start offering at and when should I walk away?|||I would say start at $12,500 and then go up to a maximum of about $14,000. The worst they can do is say no, its not really worth what they are asking for it, they never are at dealerships.|||walk away????you should be running away and leave the rubbish where it is

97 kia sephia smokes when you first start it up?

i have a 97 kia sephia that when you first start it, will blow thick exhaust smoke out of the back. it smells like burnt smoke. it will do that after it has been sitting up for awhile, but if you let it sit for awhile, it will not do it. after it has been running for awhile, it will quit.|||valve stem seals could be bad or oil returns plug and the valve are submerge in oil. is it hard stating in the morning it could be fuel injector leaking down over night or coolant getting into a cylinder these are most of what could cause this. valve steam seal could be it.|||It's fine, the car set a bit much fuel on start up to have easy start up. As long the smoke dissappear after engine running, nothing to worried. As long the smoke doesn't come in black, don't worry because the sparking is normal. Do an easy test by using the eyes, if the eyes is not harm then no over rich fuel. Don't forget to do a scheduled tune up.|||Sounds like the engine is sludged up. When the oil is blocked from returning to the oil pan, it will leak past the valve guides into the cylinders. When you start the motor up it will burn just that oil that leaked into the cylinders and then it will stop.

Have the oil changed and checked for sludge.|||Some oil is getting past the rings---or you have excess fuel staying in the motor after you shut it off---or--you need a dealer or good mechanic to look at it. Smoke is NOT good--regardless of the reason. YOU cannot fix it--its all internal problems. ---you need a mechanic. Good luck|||My guess is valve seals. Try LUCAS oil stabilizer , found almost everywhere.

How to program keyless entry on 2007 Kia Sedona van?

Need to program 2 remote keyless entry fobs for a 2007 Kia Sedona mini van.What is procedure?Does dealer have to do?|||Every source I've seen indicates that the dealer has to do it.

Regarding the previous answer:

www.carandtruckremotes.com says the dealer has to do it.

www.keylessrides.com is a fake website.

www.programyourremote.com has programming instructions for the Kia Spectra only.

I wish this weren't so. I would like to program an extra remote for my Kia Rondo without paying the dealer price. With my Ford Focus I can program extra remotes myself.|||For help, visit www.carandtruckremotes.com, www.keylessrides.com, or www.programyourremote.com

What are my rights on taking legal action against Kia for selling me a defective 2001 Kia Sportage?

It requires costly repairs almost every couple of months, I just can't keep throwing my money away. Besides getting rid of the vehicle, can anyone help me figure out how to legally get Kia for selling this piece of junk to me? I'm financially stripped and extremely stressed out over this.|||I'm guessing you have no legal recourse against Kia motors at this time. Your truck is now 7 years old and all warranties are now invalid. Your truck is old, so of course you will have more repairs now, that is why cars lose value after new puchase...they only last a short time before repairs are needed. Your 2001 Sportage probably is only going to fetch $1500-2500 on the used market, if you are ready to buy a new car then go ahead and sell your old car. For reference, a new 2008 Kia Sportage V6 will cost you $20K, so that is about $370 a month for 5 years plus higher insurance costs. Maybe it is time for a new car or a newer used car, but don't blame Kia, all cars age and require repairs as they become obsolete.|||if you brought it new from the dealership , you should have state lemon law protection !|||hire a lawyer!!!!......that is much too complicated a case to try and handle yourself......there have been cases where owners get value back but considering the age of the vehicle I doubt any lawyer will take it.....the problem you have is how much repairs were made to the car when it was new and whether or not it falls under lemon law!!! get a lawyer...they can answer those ??'s|||It depends where you live, how long ago you bought it, and whether you bought it "as is".|||if you bought it used the lemon law doesnt count on it. have you contacted kia or talked to the dealership you got it from? you will have alot more leaverage if you bought it new. if you got it used how long ago?

What would be the funeral proceedings for a military funeral that is KIA/BNR?

For those unaware, KIA/BNR is Killed In Action/ Body Not Recovered. If there is no body, would they simply have a memorial service, or would there be an empty casket (as horrific as that sounds) for the ceremony? Or is this a matter of choice of the family?|||It is exactly the same as any other funeral.

including a regular casket.

How many Miles on a KIA sportage is a good amount?

What is the idela amount of miles on this 2000 Kia? Im looking to buy this car im just not sure what im suppose to be looking for in a used car?|||Kia's are notoriously unreliable. Check around on Consumer Reports for their reliability and resale data. I wouldn't buy one period. In fact... some car loan companies won't even lend money on them. A new one will drop 50% in value in the first year and a used one isn't worth what you are paying for. You would be much better off spending however much you want to spend on a Honda or Toyota.|||About 120,000 miles is the average for a 10 year old car.

How much would it cost to get a paint job on a Kia Sportage?

Im thinking of getting a 2001 Kia Sportage but i dont like the color of it (red). If i wanted to get it painted silver or black, how much do you think it would cost?? An estimate is perfectly fine.

Thanks for your time :)|||depends how good of a paint job you want the car to have. There are some who will do it for probably 800 but it would probably look like it wasn't done very well. The price could go well up to around 3K for a really good one. Get an estimate first if you are going to do it.|||tree fitty|||well if there's no body work needed maco will do it for $300 if there are dents i suggest you find some one cheap to fix them or fix them your self then take it to maco|||ILL PAINT IT GREEN WITH A BROOM FOR 100.00------E-MAIL ME FOR THIS SPECIAL RATE!